What is dugnad

What is dugnad

Dugnad is a Norwegian word that means to come together to do unpaid work for the good of something else, like a club. Fløya has a few dugnads each calendar year

What dugnads in Fløya do:

-  Support the club or individual teams economically to help fund activites through the year. 

-  Keep our facilities tidy and clean.

-  A way to connect with teammates, meet fellow parents, and strengthen our bonds within the club so that everyone feel a part of "our home" Fløya.

Who takes part in dugnad

Everyone with children in Fløya, and those who also are active in the club, are expected to show up on dugnad. It is one of our strongest ways to create a good social environment in both club and the individual teams. You will get to know other children's parents, create bonds and get that team feeling. 

We welcome everyone to dugnads in Fløya!