The following fees are for members of IF Fløya and is valid per calendar year

They are paid by logging into your account at English option is avaible.

NB: The calendar year you turn a set age is when you pay the fees for that age category. 

Example: The year you turn 17 is when you begin paying the fees for ages 17 and older.


Boys and girls 10 years old and younger

  Membership: 500,-

  Activity fee: 1600,-

Boys and girls 11-12 years old

  Membership: 500,-

  Activity fee: 2050,-

Boys and girls 13-14 years old

  Membership: 500,-

  Activity fee: 2300,-

Boys and girls 15-16 years old

  Membership: 500,-

  Activity fee: 2600,-

Boys and girls 17 years and older

  Membership: 500,- 

  Activity fee: 3200,-


  Membership 500,-

  Activity fee: 1100,- 


  Membership: 250,-

Siblingdeduction from child nr.2*


*Siblingdeduction is a discount. The deduction is paid back by sending an application to IF Fløya at email:

Fløya Solidaritetsfond (English: Fløya Fund of Solidarity)

IF Fløya wishes for everyone to have an offer within sport, regardless of economic status, our fund of solidarity is meant to help people/families with economic difficulties so that they too can participate in sport activities.

Contact us at the club for more info: or

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